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Welcome to Jordi Mas' Homepage

I'm Jordi Mas from Barcelona. Here you will find a few notes of the projects that I'm working on. I hold a master degree in computer science from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and an Executive MBA from EADA business school. I'm Director of Community Development at Openbravo.

I have worked for companies as Servicom, Quarterdeck Ireland, Translation Craft, iNet Client Technlogies, Novell as a full-time software developer. As a contractor, I worked for MENTA, Vodafone, Amena, Terra Networks, eresMas, InOut TV, and others. All my work as been always related to software development, mainly in C++, C# and Java. During my work on Translation Craft, I wrote HTMLQA the industry standard quality assurance for localised HTML. All the other developments that I have done mainly for internal use.

Just for fun

Mistelix (2008 - present)

Mistelix is an DVD authoring application with also Theora slideshow creation capabilities for GNU/Linux systems. It was started as part of my final year project of my master degree when I did the original design, architecture and implementation. After that, I did launch the web site and I keep developing it with the help of others. It is written in C# and C and hosted at gnome.org. You have some statistics from Ohloh and all the project information at Mistelix web site.

gbrainy (2007 - present)

After get exposed to the works of Terry Stickels during summer 2007 I started the gbrainy project. It  is a brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained.  It provides the following types of games:

· Logic puzzles. Games designed to challenge your reasoning and thinking skills
· Mental calculation. Games based on arithmetical operations designed to prove your mental calculation skills.
· Memory trainers. Games designed to challenge your short term memory.

I originally wrote it for Linux and later ported it to Windows.  It is available by default for the major Linux versions (Fedora, Suse, Debian and Ubuntu) and Unix systems (FreeBSD) and has been translated to other languages.

Mono (2005 - 2007)

Mono is an open source implementation of the Microsoft .NET Development Framework led by Miguel de Icaza. The C# language, the runtime, the metadata and the other various bits of the .NET development platform are currently an ECMA standard. As a Novell employee and as volunteer I have largely contributed to System.Windows.Forms, System.Drawing, Mono.Cairo and libgdiplus implementation efforts.

During summer 2006 and until the end of  2006 I wrote an open source implementation of the Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) namespace for Mono platform. WF was introduced as part of Microsoft .Net 3.0 framework during 2006.

Abiword software development Mono (2002 - 2007)

I have been an Abiword core developer since version 1.0x.  Abiword is a a free word processing program similar to Microsoft® Word developed by a community of voluntaries. It's available for several versions of Unix, Mac, QNX and Windows. I'm the current Windows maintainer but I also work on other non-Windows issues, specially the ones related to enhance our internationalisation (i18n) support.

Some of the stuff that I have been working includes: lots bug fixing (over 150), adding OLE drag and drop support on win32, 'Paste' of BMP graphics on win32, improving the internationalization and localisation support, lots of UI stuff: implementing dialog boxes, property sheets, Font Preview, adding support for minor languages, rewriting the menus and keyboard handling code, etc. I also have writing the win32 native image pluggin importer, that it's now a standard component in Abiword. Software Engineering and Catalan translations

I'm a founding member of Softcatalà, a non-profit organization works for Catalan language normalization on the Internet and new technologies. I have done many things on the last 10 years, from leading the Catalan localization of Mozilla suite in the early days, participating on the OpenOffice.org and GNOME efforts, and many others. You have my user page at Softcatallà with some of my contributions (Catalan).

Language resources

  • I wrote the autocorrection word list and abbreviation lists for the Catalan language for Open Office 1.1.
  • At Softcatalà, I started a Catalan computer dictionary created under the GNU Free Documentation License. I worked on it for a year, currently I'm is maintained by another person but I'm still contributing a lot.
  • I put together a list of Catalan barbarisms with their correction in XML format and I also added support to Abiword to use it.
  • I put together a translation memory database for Catalan language that includes the localised versions of Mozilla, OpenOffice.org, Gnome, Abiword, Fedora, Mandrake amount others.
  • I did a study on the presence of the Catalan language in the web in relation to other languages. At the time, it was the 23rd language on the web.
  • I contribute regularly with the Catalan center of terminology, TERMCAT, helping them to define new computer related terminology.

  • Contact info

    You can contact me at jmas at softcatala.org