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  • Mas, Jordi. Software libre: técnicamente viable, ecònomicamente sostenible, socialmente justo (2005). Infonomia. Web del libro.

  • Articles

    I write regularly articles about technology and minor languages . Here are some of them:

  • La comoditzaciˇ de la ind˙stria del programari i el paper del programari lliure. Català (publicat al Dossier Ec˛nomic).
  • Al mal temps, bona cara. Catalan (Published in el Periodico de Catalunya). 24 November 2004.
  • Still not browsing with Firefox?. Catalan (published on line and in the Presència magazine). November 2004
  • Creative Commons: free digital contents. Catalan (published on line and in the Presència magazine). Setember 2004
  • Mono: more than an free .Net implementation. Spanish. Setember 2004
  • Barcelona's declaration for the advance of the free software. Catalan.  Spanish. (co-autor amount others). May 2004
  • Minor cultures and software companies. Catalan. March 2004.
  • The danger of software patents. Catalan. October 2003.
  • Free Software. An introduction and little history. Catalan. Somewhere during 2003.
  • Languages and information society: building a free layer of linguistics products. Catalan (September 2003)
  • The health of the Catalan Language in Internet. A short study on its presence. Catalan (September 2003)
  • Free software in the public sector. Catalan, Spanish and Brazilian (September 2003)
  • Free software and minority languages: a good opportunity. Catalan, Spanish  (October 2002)
  • Mozilla 1.0: four years later. Catalan, Spanish (May 2002)

  • I recently have written a short history of Softcatalà, from the early days until we release our first translation. It's just a personal thing and may not be interesting to you. See the Catalan. version.