gbrainy best of 2008 according to Softonic and other stats

As you probably now, gbrainy is a brain teaser game (that includes memory, calculation and logic puzzles) that I started to write on summer 2007 and that already reached version 1.0.

This week I was informed that gbrainy has been selected by Softonic as one of the best new programs during 2008 (thanks!). Softonic is a Spanish download site very popular in Spanish speaking countries. According to OJD, a company used by all the advertisement companies as a source of truth measuring popularity of newspapers and web sites, Softonic has 30 milions of unique users per month. gbrainy started to get popular in Softonic when it got a good editoral review early this year which give it visibility to its community. Since then, almost 60000 people has downloaded it and generated 117 comments. The feedback in these comments have been of great value to keep improving the game. 

Obviously the fact that has been selected by Softonic is not very relevant at a global scale. For example, gbrainy in CNET Download lives still unnoticed (btw, any idea of other popular English download sites?), but it does highlight for me the fact that is one of the very few free games in its category and that users love it.

On top of this particular download site, gbrainy for Windows has any average of 210 downloads per day.  On the Linux front, it is more difficult to get some aggregated statistics since it is distributed by many sources. According to Ubuntu popularity statistics gbrainy is installed in 8912 computers of 870627 that participate in the popularity contest, that is 1.02% of the users. Not bad compared to last summer (June 2008) when it was only 0.05%. 

During this Xmas break I have been working on adding Mono.Addins support to gbrainy (to be released in version 1.1). Now, it is possible to extend gbrainy with new games using Mono.Addins. These extensions can be developed as independent components and you do not require to recompile gbrainy or even have its source code. It is even possible to set up a web site to distribute new games to already existant users of gbrainy.

BTW, happy new year!

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Softcatalà a Televisió de Mallorca

Els col·laboradors de Softcatalà Miquel Piulats, Carme Eugenio i Pau Cabot han estat entrevistats a Televisió de Mallorca en motiu del desè aniversari de Softcatalà. És un vídeo curt d'on es parla dels inicis de Softcatalà i de la tasca més actual. El vídeo es penjat a la web de Televisió de Mallorca. L'entrevista comença al minut 17.45 del vídeo.

Personalment m'alegro força quan fora del Principat es fan ressò de la nostra feina, perquè la nostra vocació sempre ha estat de tenir incidència a tot el domini lingúístic i les col·laboracions que hem rebut sempre han sigut força importants.

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Disponible la Linkat 2.1

Ja es troba disponible la nova versió 2.1 de la distribució d'ensenyament Linkat. Aquesta nova versió és una actualització petita sobre la 2.0. Una de les novetats importants és que inclou ja l' 3.0!

Al lloc web de LinkAt també mencionen tres importants novetats respecte al projecte:

  • Es converteix en la distribució de tota la Generalitat de Catalunya (no només d'Ensenyament)
  • Durant el 2009 més d'un centenar de  centres passen a ser centres Linkat.
  • Progressiva posada en marxa de la Gestió remota dels centres Linkat.

Si teniu dubtes sobre la instal·lació us podeu adreçar als seus fòrums d'ajuda. Ha Softcatalà també hem actualitzat l'FTP per oferir la versió 2.1.

Felicitats a tot l'equip de LinkAt!

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My India experience

In the the last three months I have been traveling a lot. This has been put me away of many of my pet projects and contributions to Mono and GNOME. In top of my business trips to Pamplona every three weeks, my personal trips to Reus, now I'm going to India every few weeks. I'm leading a project for Openbravo there. We are also in the process of opening a development center there.

For me that I work most of my time from home, India is always overstimulating during the first days. Many people, smells that you are not use to, a higher level of noise in the streets, and traffic that is mad. They are supposed to follow left hand side driving, but they actually drive all over the place. You have more chances to get into a car accident that been pick-pocketed, just the way around that in Barcelona.

What is India like? asked my parents after my first trip. If you want to see poverty you will see lots of it, if you want spiritually you will see spiritually, and if you want to see beauty you will see beauty. For me India is many things. What is for sure is that they are great folks, have a great heritage and cultures (notice the plural), and that the country is facing a huge development. If you are ever going to the Chennai area, let me recommend you Pondicherry (a former French colony) and Mamallapuram. I'm actually looking forward to take some days off in my next trip and go to Kerala.

In the first trip to India I stayed in a top-noch Taj hotel. I was overcome by their luxury. I actually moved to a 4 hotel stars in this travel, and as I feel more comfortable with the country I expect to move to a standard three stars hotel. The Taj for a middle working class boy from Clot like me was actually too much.

Yesterday I was invited to give a talk about open source and Openbravo at the IEEE chapter in Mandras. The Hindu Times did cover the event. It was cool to meet some of the local free software community. Today I'm leaving and heading to Barcelona. I'll probably will back in India again during the first weeks of January, I'm looking forward to it. Even if it is only to meet the folks here and see the pretty Indian women wearing sarees again.

If you like the brain teasers in general, you should have a look to Shakuntala Devi's work. I'm really enjoying her More Puzzle book. I'm getting a few ideas for the next major gbrainy release.

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Difusió de l' 3.0 en català per a Windows

Bones notícies per l' en català. El passat mes d'octubre unes 22.000 persones baixaren l' 3.0 en català per a Windows només des de Softcatalà. Això representa doblar el nombre de descarregues mensuals que estaven al voltant de les 10.000 al mes (unes 120.000 descarregues l'any!). Aquest mes de Novembre sembla que estem sobre les 550 baixades al dia que ens situaria un altre cop en més de 15.000 baixades. El mes de novembre va ser també per la web de Softcatalà, amb més de mig milió d'usuaris únics.

En quant a Linux podem dir que el seu creixement va correlacionat amb el nombre d'instal·lacions de GNU/Linux ja que és el paquet ofimàtic per defecte. En Marc va fer un estudi fa poc que determinava la posició del català dins d'Ubuntu. És complicat donar dades exactes perquè hi ha moltes distribucions i variants, però està clar que l' creix amb la difusió de GNU/Linux. També s'ha de començar a tenir en compte els Mac, ja que la 3.0 és la primera versió per Mac (més allà del NeoOffice).

L'OpenOffice 3.0 és estable, ràpid i ofereix un gran ventall de possibilitats. Jo és l'únic paquet ofimàtico que uso des del 2002 (tret de l'Abiword), i a la feina, l'uso un bon grapat d'hores al dia. Realment, amb la versió 3.0 tenint ja tota la documentació traduida no hi ha cap mançanca.

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