Verbal analogies support in gbrainy. Your help is appreciated

For a long time I wanted to add verbal analogies support to gbrainy. Today the initial support has landed in gbrainy git repository and I will be part of the next major release.

gbrainy verbal analogies are defined in an external XML file that has a very simple format and can be easily extended. This is an example of analogy from the file:

<_question>Which of the following sports is the odd one?</_question>
<_tip>Think of the elements used in the game.</_tip>
<_answer>Water polo</_answer>
<_answer correct = "yes">Cycling</_answer>
<_rationale>It is the only one that does not use a ball in the game.</_rationale>

If you are a hobbyist, teacher or you just like verbal analogies consider donating some to gbrainy (under the same licensing conditions). Please, make sure that they are original.

If you have doubts on how to prepare them or send them to me please just write to gbrainy public forum or me directly (jmas at

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Mistelix 0.3

Here we have Mistelix 0.3 Mistelix is an open source DVD authoring application also with Theora slideshow creation capabilities for GNU/Linux systems.

What's new in version 0.3

  • New Welcome view. When you load Mistelix now you have two buttons that allow you to quick create a new DVD or slideshow project, and also, the list of recent used projects.
  • Small UI enhancements. There many small UI enhancements in the main user interface and dialog boxes. 
  • GNOME Thumbnailing integration. When running on a GNOME system Mistelix uses GNOME thumbnail infrastructure. For example, if you have already browsed the files from Nautilus, Mistelix reuses its thumbnails (faster).
  • Possibility to drag files from other applications, including the desktop or file managers.
  • Select video time & slide in slideshow for thumbnail. It is possible to select the image from a slideshow that will act as a button in a DVD menu or the frame of the video.
  • New slideshows transitions, thanks to contributors.
  • Bug fixes. On top of the many fixes introduced during the 0.2x release cycle this version introduces some major fixes too.

The new version can be download it from:
MD5SUM: 582fd78dd7ed66610f0d65ffda4cf8a1

And it is already packaged for some distributions. If you test it and have questions, you can use the public forum. If you find bug, do report them.


In this version, Mistelix had the following contributors that I want to specially thank:

  • Adrián15, Quality Assurance. Many issues reported.
  • Siegfried-Angel Gevatter, packages for Ubuntu/Debian that already available in Ubuntu Karmic repositories.
  • Pau Iranzo (from for his design for the new Welcome Screen
  • Dani Hernandez Juarez for his BarnDoorWipe transitions
  • Hector Blanco de Frutos for the Star Wipe transitions

I would like to thanks the GNOME translation community for all the translations updates and the new translations.

How to contribute
There are many ways of contributing to Mistelix. However, let me highlight three:

  • Check ideas for contributing if you are a software developer.
  • Help making Mistelix available to other languages (see current translations). If you are fluent in other languages, with four hours of work approximately you can translate Mistelix and make it available to more users.
  • Help to test and improve it. Mistelix is about users, give it a try and provide your feedback.
  • Create slideshows transitions or effects extensions.

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gbrainy 1.12

gbrainy is a brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained.

I have just released version 1.12 that is a minor release that introduces the following enhancements:
* 3 translations updated
* 2 bug fixes (1 major)

gbrainy 1.12 is available for download in source code from:

   (md5sum ce9faec1a3d433a9b298604c84559706)

Additionally, gbrainy is available for all major Linux distributions.


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Open Community Content Editor job position

My previous employeer Openbravo is looking for a Community Content Editor based in Barcelona. You will find there a very talented team and a very open mind and flexible company  (including working from home). They are looking for someone with previous experience contributing to free software communities and used to the most common tools and processes. If you are interested you can apply directly in their web site or write me directly if you need a direct contact with the person that take over my responsibilities after I left.

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