Graphical representation of two years of development activity in gbrainy project

Carles Mateu, hacker and friend from the University of Lleida, has used gource to produce a graphical representation of the two years of development activity in gbrainy project (original high resolution videos). I have upload it to Youtube. See:

You can see some of the major milestones of the project:

  • Some of the major releases of gbrainy. You will notice this soon because the number of translators increase suddenly to work to update translations.
  • A major refactoring that I did during December 2009, reorganizing the structure of the project.
  • The increase of activity in the last months due to the inclusion as default game in Ubuntu

Carles also has done the same for project Mistelix that I have also upload it to YouTube.

I have also found very interesting the video 5 years of Linux kernel development in Git. The activity is obviously several order of magnitude bigger.

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gbrainy 1.41

Here we have gbrainy 1.41, a minor bug fixing release. gbrainy is a game that challenges your logic, verbal, calculation and memory abilities.

What is new in version 1.41 from the NEWS file:
Version 1.41
* 18 bug fixes
* Updated and new translations (Asturian and Greek debut in this version)

gbrainy 1.41 is available for download in source code from:

    (md5sum 7b007461a0f5b6fbb135327cda4560ae)

Additionally, gbrainy is available for all major Linux distributions.

Thanks to everyone that has given help or feedback to this version: Siegfried-Angel Gevatter, Sam Tygier, Robert Ancell, all the translators and the Ubuntu community for their bug reports.

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