gbrainy 2.06

Here we have gbrainy 2.06, a minor release that represents 3 weeks of work. gbrainy is a game that challenges your logic, verbal, calculation and memory abilities.



What's new in version 2.06 (since 2.03)

  • 5 bug fixes
  • Updated translations


    (md5sum 216ce6e151b526075c5938344ed697c5)

Additionally, gbrainy is available for all major Linux distributions.

Windows version

As part of releasing gbrainy 2.06, I created a new Windows version package. You can download it as usual from SourceForge

On-line version

gbrainy is also available on-line. All games except memory games are available. This is far from ideal in terms of usability but is still a work in progress and I hope to make more progress during the summer.

Help Wanted!

You can contribute to gbrainy in many ways, but actually I'm specially looking forward help on these areas:

  • If you are a native English speaker and you see any English sentence that has broken grammar or it is difficult to understand please let me know
  • If you are playing the game and you see a bug in any of the games please also let me know

Report any issue by fill up a bug in gbrainy bug tracking, sending a message to the gbrainy public group or just dropping me a quick message (jmas at softcatala dot org). Your help is really appreciated.


Finally I want to say thanks a lot to all the people that has participated in this release: translators, people reporting bugs, giving feedback, etc. You contribution has been key as usual!

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