El Sabio Frestón

A few days back MoLinux, the GNU/Linux distribution sponsored by the Castilla la Mancha government in Spain, released Molinux version 5.0.

As part of the different customizations and enhancements that they do to Ubuntu, they introduced a new program called El Sabio Frestón. The program is named after a character in El Quixote that was a smart guy. If you read the Quixote and cannot recall the character, do not worry, a friend of mine that spent five years doing her degree in Spanish Literature could not neither.

El Sabio Frestón is a gbrainy fork. I'm pretty happy about this because I think that one of the cool things about free software is that people can extend, modify and distribute the software beyond the original author capabilities and interests. These guys have just done this. Revamping the user interface to make it less nerdy and more child friendly, adding additional puzzles categories for literature, geography and verbal analogies. Probably this game will make it into another regional Linux distributions in Spain (gbrainy is available in all of them), since they usually share packets.

Unfortunately it will be difficult to leverage on their work for gbrainy, since most of the work that they have done can be hardly internationalized. On top of this, they used a year old version of gbrainy. However, I hope that better collaboration in the future could drive gbrainy to reuse their work.

I was also told recently that the city hall of Zaragoza is using gbrainy in memory workshops for senior citizens. As most researchers do, I believe that most of these games, if not all, do not provide any tangible benefits to a player's memory or mental ability. However, I'm sure that they will have fun playing and they will socialize more, things that are good too.

jordi Tuesday 30 June 2009 - 09:34 am | | Default

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Paco Martinez


It is great to see gbrainy embraced in such way. Congratulations. I have an 8 year old daughter that may like that Linux distribution.
Mil gracias por tu trabajo ;)

Paco Martinez, (URL) - 30-06-’09 10:44
xavier caballe

El Sabio Frestón appears on first book, chapter VII. Don Quixote talks about the wizard that came flying over the clouds and stole their books.

xavier caballe, (Email ) - 01-07-’09 08:43
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