gbrainy 1.30

Here we have gbrainy 1.30, two months after the previous major version. gbrainy is a game that challenges your logic, verbal, calculation and memory abilities.


What is new in version 1.30 from the NEWS file: 

* Re-architectured for better multiplatform support
* Personal records tracking
* Improved player scoring algorithm
* Better accessibility
* 9 new verbal analogies and a new logic puzzle
* Mallard documentation
* More HIG complaint
* Bug fixes

gbrainy 1.30 is available for download in source code from:

      (md5sum 80135619a92a350434471c30832f6106)

Additionally, gbrainy is available for all major Linux distributions

Let me elaborate bit more on new features and changes.

Mallard documentation

I wrote a first version of the gbrainy documentation using Mallard, that is going to be documentation system for GNOME 3.0. As usual, translators did an amazing job translating so many strings in just few days.

Better Multiplatform support

I have re-architectured gbrainy separating the client side from the gaming logic making it now possible consume its services from different front-ends. For example, I did a native small Winforms client. It is possible to write new clients in most of the popular front-end technologies, including web based.

gbrainy at GNOME Bugzilla

Since two weeks ago, if you want to report a gbrainy bug you can do so using GNOME Bugzilla.

How to help

This is a common question that I get. Let me point out some areas where you can help:

  • Play the game and provide feedback about the application.
  • Translation to different languages. Check the current status of gbrainy translations.
  • Any development aid, including fixes or new Puzzles for the current system (see the development section).
  • Ideas for new logic puzzles, memory or calculation trainers.

If you like gbrainy, blog about it and tell your friends!

Debut in Ubuntu Lucid as default game

gbrainy debuts as default game on Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid Lynx) alpha 2 CD. I want to thank Robert Ancell and Siegfried-Angel Gevatter for their effort on packing the application and their help on QA.

jordi Thursday 14 January 2010 - 7:05 pm | | Default

three comments


Wow, great! But the md5sum of the tar.gz for me is:
78093c3be0ffe702772ae7861b9d33ca gbrainy-1.30.tar.gz

zerwas, - 14-01-’10 22:58
Jordi Mas


The file downloads correctly for me and the MD5 signature is correct. Look:

$ md5sum gbrainy-1.30.tar.gz
80135619a92a350434471c30832f6106 *gbrainy-1.30.tar.gz

Also some distro packers have download it correctly.

I suggest that you try to download it again.



Jordi Mas, (Email ) - 15-01-’10 07:55

This application could fit perfectly on a device like N810 or N900.

Any plan to port the application to the Maemo plattform.

API, (Email ) (URL) - 15-01-’10 13:18
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